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I was going to use wordpress to make my site but then it didn’t work. I selected my site editor to FileManager/FTP and when I edit my Home.html (i deleted it then re-uploaded it) nothing happens. I have to type www.xxxxxx.com/Home.html to access the new page.

How do you set an html file as your homepage?
the original Home.html was the actual home page and it was a capital H


The Home.html page is the under construction page. It needs to be deleted and it needs to be replace with a real home page called index.html.

OR, you can install WordPress. In that case, it will install and index.php file and that will load your blog.

To install WordPress on your iPage account…

  • Go to the control panel.
  • In Website, click on the WordPress logo
  • Click the Install button

Step 1

Which version of WordPress would you like to install?

Select the one at the top of the list. It will be the most recent one.

Where would you like WordPress installed?

Click the dropdown list. There are two sections, with or without the www in front of your domain name. Select without the www.

Step 2

Click on Advanced Options.

Enter a site name for  your blog. Enter a username/password. Make sure automatically create a new database is checked.

Step 3

Uncheck all those addons.

Step 4

Check the box on the Legal information.

Click the Complete button.

When the installation is complete, you will be able to login to your WordPress dashboard to begin blogging. The link will look like this: example.com/wp-admin/

Once WordPress is installed and you type your domain name into the address bar: example.com your WordPress blog will load.

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